Arrow Points

After earning his Wolf badge, a boy can begin working on his Wolf electives to earn his gold and silver Arrow Points.

Earning Arrow Points

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“For Completion of Wolf Electives”

Electives are not like achievements. A Wolf Cub Scout can pick any requirement he likes from the electives and do it. When he has completed ten elective requirements, he has earned his first Arrow Point – a gold one. Only one gold arrow point may be earned during the Wolf year, and one during the Bear year. It is worn ¾” below and centered under the current rank badge (Wolf and Bear).
After earning a Gold Arrow Point, a Cub may complete ten more requirements to earn a Silver Arrow Point. Under his Wolf badge, he may wear as many Silver Arrow Points as he earns. They are worn in rows of two below, centered, and touching the Gold Arrow Point or previously earned Silver Arrow Points for each rank.